One of the main issues BSC cryptocurrency projects face is the lack of continuous volume and stability . This problem hurts marketing and development during low-volume days, weeks or even months. SOMO INU solves this by hedging a part of the marketing wallet into yield bearing assets to generate additional income for the SOMO INU project. This will in-turn reward holders of SOMO INU keeping the project stable and moving forward.

Another long term vision is to buy land in metaverse ecosystems (SOMOINUVERSE). We plan to buy up land in the various ecosystems on Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains! This will also help generate revenue from advertising on said lands.


1% Liquidity Pool

Every transaction,1% goes to the liquidity pool on 
PankcakeSwap ti stabilize the price .

1% Marketing

1% if each transaction will be accumulated in a marketing fund to ensure operability of the project over long term.


Stage 1

Design Logo
Telegram + Twitter + Website
Deployment of Smart Contract

Stage 2

Listing on CoinGecko
Reach 5000 Holders
Marketing Campaign

Stage 4

Listing on CMC
Staking and Farming Options
Acquire Metaverse Lands

Stage 3

Token Launch on PinkSale
Listing on PancakeSwap
10,000 Telegram Members